EcoFlow Mobile Power Stations – Portable Power for When the Lights Go Out

EcoFlow offers a wide range of portable power options that size from “keep your devices going during a camping trip”, to “power your van for an off grid van life”, to “keep multiple circuits in your house live during a blackout”.

Here at PGH Batteries, we own an EcoFlow Delta 2 Mobile Power Station, as well as a 100W folding Renogy solar panel.

Our 100W Renogy folding solar panel can charge our Ecoflow Delta 2 on a sunny day.

The Delta 2 weighs 27 pounds and stores 1kWHr. For comparison, that is about the energy stored in a series 24 deep-cycle lead acid battery. You can also add up to two Delta 2 extension batteries to double or triple the capacity. All these new generation of Mobile Power Stations have the equivalent of battery chargers in them, as well as inverters to get the output voltage you need. As to what we can do with our Ecoflow Delta 2, this graphic from the EcoFlow website tells its capabilities:

To connect our Renogy 100W folding solar panel to the Delta 2, we needed to buy a standard cable from EcoFlow . But plugging in the solar panel to charge the Delta 2 is as easy as plugging in a lamp.

As we look around the country, multi-day blackouts seem to becoming more of a thing. In our area, parts of the Laurel ridge have had power for 4 days since the weekend. So for us, the Delta 2 is right sized for us to keep a few lights on and charge our devices, Whether we are at home or on the road. If we really wanted to use this system off grid regularly, we likely would upgrade from 100 W of solar to 200 W, 300 W, or 400 W of solar. But for an extended blackout, we know we can keep some lights on and charge our devices. We like that peace of mind.

As to more integrated solutions for a van or a house, it is easier to share a couple of recent reviews than to reinvent the wheel:

The bottom line is that all off-grid power used to be DIY with lot’s of discrete parts. You needed to worry about not only the batteries and the solar panels, but how to connect them. And then a battery charger for charging from an outlet and a charge controller for charging from solar panels. Then an inverter to get AC power. Now multiple vendors (including EcoFlow) are providing integrated solutions that is one integrated unit.

We sell EcoFlow products. If you want us to help answer questions, give us a call or an email. Or we can use our EcoFlow as a demo unit so you can see one for yourself.

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